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Sunday, October 26, 2008

does anyone know who she is?

well..she is not my grandma, and not even anyone's grandma..

she is "me"..

i acted an old lady in my last production (theater club)..
i played one of the leading role in "kebayan" which is the title of story that we, the whole team played.

our last competition was at UiTM Shah Alam, and we only won the 1st runner up.. very frustrating.
for the next production, i hope that we can take revenge on our last failure..

i never ever give up..

every night in my dream, i see you.. i feel you...

em.. i dont noe what to write tonite..
just now i called one of my virtual fren via ym..
we, (she and me) have a very good tyme together.. singing, gossiping...syh... ahaks..

whenever i am alone..sad.. i need someone to cheer me up..
someone who can give me support..
someone who is always there for me..
someone who accept me the way i am..

someone who i see every nite when i am lying on the bed, before i close my eyes..
someone that i hope to be the first one i see when i awake..

tell me where should i find that "someone".

Saturday, October 25, 2008

today is my first day..

so, today is my first day... writing in my very own blog.
this blog maybe a little bit bored because i still do not know how to make mine presentable and interesting.

i want to do some revision today, since final exam is just around the corner..
may be i will start with understanding consumer's book..
hm.. i make someone mad with me today..

someone that i really care about..