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Thursday, January 29, 2009

i love your blog..

i want to dedicate this award to the most outstanding blog i ever follow....

little voice-amira zafirah

*please grab this award and put it on your blog dear... =D
hope you'll loike it

tagged by afiq..

I've been tagged by afiq..
it' been a very long time until i got time to do this tag...sorry for keeping you waiting..

1 do you think you are hot?

*sometimes,, when i have to cycle under hot sun..thehehe

2 upload a favorite picture of you

*are u saying that i did not upload enough?? thehehehe..

3 why do you like this picture

*because i look damn hot.thehehe..

4 when was the last time you ate pizza?

* last year..

5 the last song you listen to?

*can't remember

6 what are you doing right now beside this?

*chatting and browsing other people's blog

7 what name you prefer beside yours?

*chykeen; hailie; tammy

8 5 people to tag

*1 sham
2 nan
3 eva
4 azie
5 peqturbo

9 who is no 1?

*he is my friend

10 no 3 is having relationship with?

*haha.. you better ask her yourself..thehehhhee..

11 say something about number 5

*erm... i just visited his blog yesterday and i think he should do this tag to spice up his blog.thehehhe...

12 how about number 4?

*love you and miss you girl...

13 who is number 2?

*naaann...u o me. thehehhehehe...

citroen 2..

alia text me and she said, comot is sick..
poor alia...
poor me...
poor us...

i have no idea... i donno what to do..
dibaaaa.... help meeeeeeeee

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

new layout..

today, after few weeks thinking,, finally i change my old layout. i hope you like it...

things i love most...

one of my favorite cousins.. i just love their attitude... eisha and irfan...
my beloved parents... how could i live without you..
the mms's memories... back when i was at part one july 2007
bbq with some colleagues...
abg wan....my bestest mates
siti... love you!helloo.. i'm kinda straight k
sha...raiza harun
nei-yo.. i missed all the memories. departed on 10th january 2008. i'll always pray for you...love my sweater.. i called it
my very first hp. i but it with my own money-my first salary
erm.. i dont know what to call it... i made it myself.that's for sure
another art... i also made it myself
and i love myself very much
i will add some more... wait and see..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

all about yesterday...

jammed at Bentong

we arrived Puchong around 2 o'clock. nali ren shan ren hai..

me and tok long..he is 75 years old and still strong...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i feel sad....

dinner with ocs and the mpp...

please don't simply took or upload any picture shown here except you seek from my approval..please respect me...

with farhan...


19 january 2009
4:30 pm
beside PET

em..diba, awin and me go to Dungun town to buy some households. suddenly when we want to go home, the car can't be start.
i ask a man to come by and lend us a helping hand. afterwards.. many middle aged men comes by and help us. they think that maybe it is because of the batttery. so, they try to use jumper..

diba especially is so stressed...and full of tensed..

the jumper didn't give any help at all... so, they push the car into a dark street and we wait until the car's owner comes.

when alia arrives, a middle-aged man who owns Volvo exchange his three days old battery with alia's and try to start the car.
finally.. it works.
sigh.. what a day...
we have to postponed the Marcom discussion to the next day.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


on last friday... 16 th january 2009

i watch susuk at Cemara Hall in UiTM.. this show was organize under UiTM's theatre club. what i'm gonna tell you guys here is that the poster was made by one of my blog's friends.she is really talented in this kind of art..later on i'll link you guys to her superlicous blog.

about the movie... i will just only give 3 stars..em.. the story line is kinda blurr at the very first stage of the story..

but somehoww... you will start to understand the whole story later on.

the most unforgettable scene in the movie is when the lead role's (ida nerina) face turn ugly after she across the river..huuhu...

watch this movie yourself to know the whole story.

girls night out...

yesterday..we go out. we plan to go to courts mammoth to find some households.. but then, the courts mammoth is not open.hoo..l0ser....
then...rugila that shop en.. they don,t have any idea about how much we want to spend at that shop yesterday..hohoho.....
as the driver (rumet) u-turn at the end of the road.. we sudddenly saw a carpet shop.wallaweh...

here some pictures for you readers..

the owner..

he is very talented in singing...

although we took a lot of picture, but we didn't buy any.hahahaha....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i got them all four..

haha..finally i made it..collect the all four...blue, green, red, pink...
the kfc's colourfull watches...

but i really like blue and red colours...

supposely i should like green.but, i hate the stripes..
hahhaa..can't wait to wear all of them