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Sunday, January 18, 2009


on last friday... 16 th january 2009

i watch susuk at Cemara Hall in UiTM.. this show was organize under UiTM's theatre club. what i'm gonna tell you guys here is that the poster was made by one of my blog's friends.she is really talented in this kind of art..later on i'll link you guys to her superlicous blog.

about the movie... i will just only give 3 stars..em.. the story line is kinda blurr at the very first stage of the story..

but somehoww... you will start to understand the whole story later on.

the most unforgettable scene in the movie is when the lead role's (ida nerina) face turn ugly after she across the river..huuhu...

watch this movie yourself to know the whole story.

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