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Friday, April 10, 2009

i'm leaving...

owh... berdebarnya... kerana aku adalah kali pertama menaiki flight.

11 April 2009

2100 berlepas dari UiTM
0500 dijangka sampai lcct
0730 berlepas ke jakarta

14 April 2009

2130 bertolak pulang dari bandung
1130 dijangka sampai Malaysia

doakan perjalananku selamat pergi, selamat jalankan misi, selamat berjimba-jimba dan selamat pulang..
tunggu aku ya.. ;))

Thursday, April 9, 2009


remember about me said i am going to indonesia?

well.. the previous date is cancelled.
now, i am gonna tell you the real date..
its 11 to 14 April 2009. yes! its during this study week.

so, this night, im going to the studio.. solat hajat, and so on.. after that, tonight around ten i will perform a pratonton to .. UiTM's students.. and mebi in front of the director of UiTM Dungun's campus.

INdonesia.. here i come.=DD

bbq and farewell party

5 april 2009 in front of my house

Eight of us da nak kuar dari umah sewa ni next sem. 3 orang sebab da grad. kak za, kak kema and kak ati... the other five, me, al, awin, diba, nina(takde masa majlis) nak duk umah sewa lain next sem. tuan rumah kitorg yg sesangat baik hati tu,, supply 5 ekor ayam. 5 ekor jer.. tp memang berlebih la malm tu.. credits to abg Nuar and family, yg very the understanding gitu.

~kak za, pa, ct, shiela, rumet..

~ct, kak za, awin

selain dari bbq ayam.. ade sosej. pahtu ade mihun, ade agar2..kek pon ader..lagi, makanan ringan la yg byk.
~yummy.. sedapnye.. nak wat bbq lagi next sem k...

~memang meriah kek ni.. abg wan beli sendiri untuk bday die.keh keh keh... ade name aku tau.thanks to abg wan gak..

~rumet yg kuat makan...

tag.. u noe i loike it. don't u?

this tag is from topek or the saint

1 . Adakah anda suka blogging? Kenapa?
yeah! sbb i think this is one of medium to tell other people about what i am doing right now, tempat untuk simpan sume citer..
and tempat untuk mencari kwn2 n ilmu gak.

2 . Blog siapa yang selalu anda skodeng? Nyatakan 5.
erm.. jap ek..
banyakl sgt.. terutama my follower and those yg ade dlm my blog list

3 . Adakah anda menginginkan seseorang dalam hidup anda? Yang boleh menemani dan menyayangi anda sepenuh hati? Dan siapa kah orang itu?
yup.. tp tak tau la en.. dapat ke tak.. da usaha ..tp cm tak membuahkan hasil pon. so, i should go la kot.

4 . Taken or single? Mana lebih bagus?
taken.. means kawen..hahhha.. yg ni nak la...
lau tak, better single

5 . Pernah tak cinta anda tidak dibalas?

6 . Ciri-ciri bf idaman anda?Nyatakan 5.
sense of humor
love me a lot..
baik, i mean.. jg solat

7 . Pada umur berapakah anda akan merancang untuk berkahwin?
yg i ni i should tanye my pakwe i la kan.. lau die ckp nak kawen umo 30.. i cr pakwe lain la..
lau dia cakap nak kawen skang, cr pakwe lain gak.
kesimpulannye.. kene tunggu when i yg da ready. tp tak tau when.. mebi bila bulan jatuh ke riba kot.

8 . Nak berapa anak?
i support family planning program

9 . 5 orang bertuah yang anda ingin tag :

10 . D.O.B
04 january 1987, 833 pagi

11. best present yg penah dpt?

12 . gift yg di impikan..?
erm.. teman yang sentiasa disisi

13 . fav colour?
green greenery greenish

14 . fav numbers?

15 . best place yg ingin dijejaki?

16. rase bahagie bile.....
org yg kite love most syg kite sesangat gak

17 . fav movie.
romantic movie

18. fav artist .

19.Tagged you :
5 org di atas.

uncle zaharan razak or ZR or Zar or pok re'.. which one is better??

one evening,(the same evning i present my prototype) as we were having tea and some kepok lekor, suddenly i saw a young old man cycling his bent tric crossing a t-junction just infront of my house. without hesitation.. i cried..

me : pakcik3 benti.. leh tak nak amik gambar?

at first he seems like don't want to stop. but after that...

me: ala pakcik, benti la dulu,, nak amik gambar...
so, this is the result then.

~ uncle ZR

i asked him to come and join my friend and i at the round rock table, but he said that he have work to do. But after i offered him a cup of tea for so many times, then he agreed to take 'a sip' .

as we sat together, he shared so many stories with us and told us about Malay's chandalier's list, his hometown-to-be, and also his thought about me. ahaks...
take a look at his blog. interesting!


service management presentation day..

7 April 2009
2c2 Uitm Terengganu

entri ini adalah kesinambungan kepada entri lalu yg bertajuk 'my new project'.
emm.. for aqmaal, this saloon is actually for pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and also hamsters. that is why you can see a dog wash room. La Compagnie saloon.. compagnie is afrench word that define pets or animal. well, we are going to separate dogs wash room with other pets' washroom. interesting isn' t it?

~the model
baju ala2 wonder pet.kuikuikui... it takes us hours to get kuma wear her outfit.
she doesn't like it i guess.. thehehehehe...

ps* should make some modification

~sebelum cahaya-letto

~OK, let me tell you the process,,, the red section is the wash room while the orange sections are the shower room. first, u must go to the wash room..

~then, go to the blue section(grooming room). the green section is the boutique where our workers will design clothes for your pets.

~please meet Harold and Kuma. they are having their best time in the saloon's prototype. the presentation is accomplished.. i hope that my lecturer will loike it since we are the only group that enthusiastly made a prototype for our saloon.

gud luck guys...

ps * this prototype is 90% made by me and the other 10% by my group mates, al awin, diba..=D

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a Tanjung Karang love story... =D~ part one

on 2nd April 2009

Alia got a message from her cousin saying that their grandfather is sick.
instead of letting her go alone to tg karang, we made a decision to accompany her.
this is the story about me, al, dil, nina and awin...

~ lets the journey begin

~ sy adalah, co-pilot shj.. harap maklum...huhuhuh..

~sampai tg karang lebih kurang pukul 12 tgh malam..

~kedai ni memang sengal giler

ikan sikap*
masakkan ikan*

air orang*
air tembikali*
air kerat*
air belembin*
lau tarik susu*
keh keh keh....

~angah..penternak ayam dan ikan keli yg berjaya

~indah...sy mesti pilih! bernas...=D

~ before..

~ he is the sifu...

~ pas belajau.. apply maa... aisey cameraman aku ni..haram nak nampak ape yg aku siang tu.

ikan keli ni sume selamat masuk dalam kuali wat goreng berlada, masak lemak cili api and goreng pon sodap ha...

to be continued...

a Tanjung Karang love story... =D~ part two

On 3rd April 2009
Sekinchan Wet Market

Alia's sister, kak watie wants to go to a wet market. i decided to folow her because i think it must be interesting to stroll around the stinks wet aisle at th ewet market... hahaha.. actually i am also looking for some stuff to bring back home. guess what? its one of my faveret food~tempe. but this time is very special. they are wrap in banana leaves....

~ the scenery. waahhh.. very breathtaking view la...

~the kitchen, very da oldskool. i loike....

~karaoke? be my guest

~ a fulltank viva is equal to RM50

~ok..picture time... at jakel, Sekinchan

~this is what happen when the owner of the camera wants to be in the picture..hahhahha


~off toHopital Tg. Karang visiting Alia' s grandfather
after that.. we headed too KLCC...

~stopped by kat Stesen minyak Petronas. rumet sangat lapar..

~nice number eh?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

sore throat is killing me..

sore throat...

owh.. i'm so intense... this sore throat is killing me..
god.. mum... argh.. eberibody... help me!

f**k u hormone!!