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Thursday, April 9, 2009

service management presentation day..

7 April 2009
2c2 Uitm Terengganu

entri ini adalah kesinambungan kepada entri lalu yg bertajuk 'my new project'.
emm.. for aqmaal, this saloon is actually for pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and also hamsters. that is why you can see a dog wash room. La Compagnie saloon.. compagnie is afrench word that define pets or animal. well, we are going to separate dogs wash room with other pets' washroom. interesting isn' t it?

~the model
baju ala2 wonder pet.kuikuikui... it takes us hours to get kuma wear her outfit.
she doesn't like it i guess.. thehehehehe...

ps* should make some modification

~sebelum cahaya-letto

~OK, let me tell you the process,,, the red section is the wash room while the orange sections are the shower room. first, u must go to the wash room..

~then, go to the blue section(grooming room). the green section is the boutique where our workers will design clothes for your pets.

~please meet Harold and Kuma. they are having their best time in the saloon's prototype. the presentation is accomplished.. i hope that my lecturer will loike it since we are the only group that enthusiastly made a prototype for our saloon.

gud luck guys...

ps * this prototype is 90% made by me and the other 10% by my group mates, al awin, diba..=D


Amira Zafirah said...

OMG. comel gilooo

wonderpek wonderpek
nyanyi style Yana. haha.

chop. harold and kumar?
=)) =)) =))

cz said...

harold is the jantan
kuma is the betina. not kumar lah.. ni yg malay punyer.keh keh

dorang sgt tidak nakal..
sgt tdk mengeget..

tp mandul barangkali..
sbb, tak beranak2 lagi ni ha...