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it's enjoyable to see everyone happy and optimist in their life. but it's more enjoyable to see everyone happy on their own big day. cheers

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

a broken heart letter for you

Dear you; thank you for the last two messages you send yesterday evening. they broke my heart. i can't never imagine you gave me a solution like that*.thank you so much for doing this after everything i did for you. i dont mind if you resist to help me this time and i start to think that i dont mind losing you either. i know i'm too perfect for you untill you feel insecure whenever you with me. i know i'm way too perfect. i can't help it.forgive me for that.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Sunday, May 8, 2011

it's mother's day ya' all

so, today is mothers' day. not yesterday or day before. 8th of May 2011. Today i expected to view lots of clichè facebook status that claim everyday should be a mother's day . at some point of view. i don't agree with the statement. yeah! hate me for being too honest. TT .  As for my opinion, a mother's day is a day where mother feels happy and get whatever she wanted for her special day. It's like celebrating 2nd birthday. TRUST ME! hence the retail shopping spree (on your pay day) for mum and a massive frontyard&backyard cleaning is obviously the best ever gift. BUT wait. can you do that everyday? ................................................................................................. For me, we should care for her everyday: *call her every two hours (say she have anything to say) when her phone is blocked due to late payment . haha: don't angry ma. OR *hug and kiss her everyday instead saying how much you love her. for my superb mom, thanks for everything. thanks for being a helpful hand when i broke in the middle of month and need to go training; thanks for lending me your ears and soothe my heart whenever i feel down; thanks for the advice and guidance; thanks for your understanding in many ways. i love you and will always love you.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

masih menunggu

Friday, May 6, 2011

i know you know

it have been quite sometime you and i together. like you said to my friend, 'only one part is happiness. another five are all about food'. we fought a lot along our relationship. i hate this and that. you love these and those. however, our imperfection completes each of us. you have to agree that.                                                             i know that you read this crap blog at times. SO, im not gonna write here about my feelings to you. *ok i lied. T T.                  i kinda have feelings that you wont be mine and this inner sense i had never turn me down: SO FAR...    sometimes i have a butterfly in my stomach telling me not to soooo into you. I GUESS YOU KNOW WHAT I KNOW YOU KNOW

invite-invite chicken/ chicken inviting

dia ajak saya pergi piknik, dia ajak-ajak ayam. dia akan pergi piknik esok dan dia tak ajak saya. dia cuma ajak-ajak ayam pergi untuk jadi bahan bakar. kawan-kawan dia ajak kawan-kawan pergi piknik. tp dia tak ajak saya kawannya pergi piknik. seronoknya.... tak sabar nak dengar cerita seronok dari dia lusa atau isnin atau minggu depan. atau minggu satu lagi. dia tak ajak saya pergi piknik sebab dia kata saya takkan dapat pergi. dia tak ajak saya, jadi saya tak minta cuti hari dia pergi piknik. dia pergi piknik dengan kawan- kawan dia. dia tak ajak saya. juga tak ajak-ajak ayam. tapi saya teman die belikan ayam untuk piknik.

ada apa dengan petang begini?

nido not simply quote any words or download any pictures from my blog. you have to seek for my permission or at least give me a notification. your cooperation is much appreciated.tq! Cuaca semakin panas semenjak dua menjak ni. kontra dengan tempat kerja yang ada aircond. bila senja semakin hampir, barulah matahari malu-malu memencil diri. petang-petang begini usai shift pagi, memang cocok amat kalau dapat beriadah. dapat juga hilangkan ketensyenan di minda.tapi, kalau kat tempat joging pon ada 'punca' stress bagaimana? cecite cecite.... nampak gayanya, azam untuk kuruskan badan akan terus tekubur. blood pressure kena jaga. silap2 doktor konfirm terus ade hipertension. tak ke tensi nanti.haih~.               oh ya. tengah hari tadi, berjalan ke jalan bahagia. dan terjumpa kelibat rumah cikgu kesayangan yang dicari2. mungkin akan memikirkan waktu yang sesuai untuk melawat beliau di rumah. harap semuanya baik2 belaka. :))

jejak kasih

do not simply quote any words or download any pictures from my blog. you have to seek for my permission or at least give me a notification. your cooperation is much appreciated.tq.                        When i was kid, i never thought that i will love english so much. until I met a wonderful teacher. Her name is teacher noraini. as years goes by, i started to miss her and really hope that i can reunIte with her again. yesterday i found her daughter on fb and quickly i add her to my friend list. after walking around her page; i finally saw her home address which i definitely is going to find the house. i 'M sO happy at the moment:

Thursday, May 5, 2011

kawan saya

do not simply quote any words or download any pictures from my blog. you have to seek for my permission or at least give me a notification. your cooperation is much appreciated.tq!

I have a friend. She has a strong heart. She just lost her love ones. (the only love ones). Not only god knows, how sad she is. I exactly feel the same way. I know she is now trying so hard to forget all the sorrow and I know that she will be okay as time goes by. I hope that she will find her 'happiness' again. insyaAllah.