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it's enjoyable to see everyone happy and optimist in their life. but it's more enjoyable to see everyone happy on their own big day. cheers

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Friday, May 6, 2011

i know you know

it have been quite sometime you and i together. like you said to my friend, 'only one part is happiness. another five are all about food'. we fought a lot along our relationship. i hate this and that. you love these and those. however, our imperfection completes each of us. you have to agree that.                                                             i know that you read this crap blog at times. SO, im not gonna write here about my feelings to you. *ok i lied. T T.                  i kinda have feelings that you wont be mine and this inner sense i had never turn me down: SO FAR...    sometimes i have a butterfly in my stomach telling me not to soooo into you. I GUESS YOU KNOW WHAT I KNOW YOU KNOW

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