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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

family reunion with my great grandmother

on last Sunday 30th of November 2008, my family and i went to Lanchang to attend my father's uncle house because his daughter married. on that day, i wore silk baju kurung which is a heritage from my mother.. my mum like to see me in this outfit very much.. and so do i.
i took some pictures for my readers..

on our way to Lanchang..

the house being attacked by colony from jengka 12. ahaks..

with the host, aki de Harun.. still segak seyh..

i'm the 'kipas' model...

girl next door..

wait!! where is the great grandma?
=D afterwards, we went to another house nearby. it's my dad's aunt.

know what.. in front of the house, there is this tree.. pokok jambu air very the sour. heheh... this is the picture before i attcked that tree.. yippie!
found the second picture using Google.. thanks xoxo..

and this is the lead role of this post. haha.. my great grandmother.. she is about 90 and she is the one left. maybe.. the guy wore green and blue shirt is my beloved, sengal, cool father while woman beside him is his auntie. well, this is what we call a reunion.. my dad haven't seen them for a long tyme---> same as his age...

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