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Saturday, June 13, 2009

i feel so tense right now..

ok today we are suppose to go to Taman Budaya Kuala Ibai to perform 'Bila Tuhan Berbicara" at 9 am.. so, i wait enthusiastically in front of my house because i'm afraid that i am got to be late. but, until 10 am, there are still no sign of the bus leaving UiTM. arggghhh!!!!
i don't know what happen.. but just now a saw a friend of mine, part of the production team+an actor... pass through us, (me and my friend) in a yellow kancil. so i guess, the bus might not leaving until that actor come back to UiTM.

damn it. you guys know where is that actor going?
just to buy deodorant k... what the... grrr...

macam la kat pak aziz tader en.. nak pg jauh2 sal aper. besides, ade byk sgt kedai dlm perjalanan nanti. mcm ar takleh singgah petronas ke ape... sgt geram ar...
tak berdisiplin sangat.

sangat marah.. dan sangat tak dapat mengawal perasaan... kitorang tunggu sini cam ape ntah and i decided to blog this.

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Mohd 'Azim Kamaruzzaman said...

sabar je r...dowg terlalu muda kot??sbb tu dowg xserius..hope chikeen leh bersabar je r..hanya masa je yg leh ubah sikap bdk2 tu..

adoi!deodorant??msing2 dh jd diva ke smpi bas nk kene tggu dowg smata2 nk p kedai??ape r nk jd kt bdk2 ni..xde disiplin!