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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a whole day trip to Kuala Terengganu we said

3th July 2009
somewhere in Dungun

Ok, let me tell you maybe a little introduction about what happen to us-me and Diba before we decided to visit KT. Diba reached Dungun two days early. She thought the class will start on 5th July. As she feel very bored staying at our rented home somewhere in Dungun, she decided to go for a walk-a visit perhaps. So, i suggested her to go to Kuala Terengganu (KT) with me tomorow morning because me also planned to pay a visit to my beloved uncle staying at Kuala Ibai. We decided to to there the next day, on 4th of July 2009. However, one of our friends, Alia arrived from her hometown, and awin is going to arrived tomorow. we have to do some clean up so, we postponed our plan to the next two days.

4th July 2009
at our house

we wake up early in the morning, cleaning here and there. last night we cleaned every dust from every part in our room. i think that i am fortunate enough since i was not feeling well last night. ha ha,. so, Alia, (my "RU" and me is "MET") cleaned our room by herself. however, i still gave her a helping hand.yes i did. =P. Awin Arrive on our lunch time, so her dad buy us lunch. hahaha... thanks to you uncle.

5th July 2009
aroung kuala Terengganu

Alia and Awin send me and Diba to the bus station around 930 am with 343 Satria. we arrived KT about 1130 am.
as we arrived, the first place to go is to find toilet.kah kah kah.
next, we went to Pasar Payang... where we met Anip selling watches.

~Diba is so excited

but haha...we didn't buy anything here..
then, we went to Princess Hill aka Bukit Puteri

~i am sitting on cannon that gives birth

Can you spot a small cannon beside the one that i sat on it? To visit Bukit Puteri, you have to pay only RM1 for adult and RM0.50 for children.

~this is aiyou and her lil sis...

~then we off to my uncle's house at Kuala Ibai. he is looking for some shells

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woit whre my n my sis u take?
kte nk ltak dlm blog