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Monday, August 24, 2009

hari kedua berpuasa...eh. ketiga lah.hehhehe

harini i have a presentation in issue class regarding topic food labeling...
my teammates are ibrisham, karimah, p, halimah, remy and me myself..
presentation ini bermula gak lambat. nasib baiklah, sbb terlajak tidur plak hari ni.. but, the end of teh presentation, lecturer appraised us for being outstanding group..
"bagus lah group ni,, tepuk tangn sikit"
dan bukan sekali jer dia ckp cm ni. he keep repeating that words. hahaha
instead of giving us 9 out of 10, he only gave us 8.5 (for i think the highest in class so far-few groups belum present lg) sbb i ade suro dier jwb test dlm kelas at the end of sessions and he only get 8 out of 11. however, still a very good mark indeed.
wel.. i think it is because of our interesting topics (i choose-credit to me)
because, we raise issue regarding halal-haram food in the industry..so, thank you guys, love you all and congratz too.

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