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Saturday, January 15, 2011


do not simply quote any words or download any pictures from my blog. you have to seek for my permission or at least give me a notification. your cooperation is much appreciated.tq!

 Its been a while since I last updating my blog. I believe some of loyal readers still waiting for my updates about what happen to me since last year. :)).
haha.. perasan gile kn.hehe

first and foremost I turn 24 on 4th of jan this year. 
no celebration on this blog this year. huwaaaa..
nak backdated boleh?ngehehe

However, the celebrate my birthday at my office.lalala

but however, here are the updates
status: still single but not available
working status: I'm now working at the only banking institutional in malaysia that won EFFIE award.
clap clap clap

social life: still dating the same guy
woot! woott!

phone: naahh... just nokia

hurm.. what else eh?

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