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Saturday, November 28, 2009

a christmas carol by charles dickens

ok.. now its time for movie preview...



25 NOVEMBER 2009

i've heard about many friends of my who loves this author because of their inspiring book (i guess). BECAUSE I never read any of them.

eventough i really love to read, but his book is never on my list. i don't even now the title of his books. so, why i choose this story? it's simple... the bus i took from UiTM is going to stop at ECM adn we were given about 2 hours to stroll around. while others choose to window shopping instead of shopping, i rather watch a movie. 

since this movie end around three o'clock, i will never late to reach the bus. well, there is another option which is 'planet 51', but i don't want to take risk. this movie will only end at 3:30 pm.

ok back to the story...

frankly speaking, i miss about ten minutes introduction of the story, so i am a little bit lost. but i quickly back on track. this story is about a man who never think christmas is a must because he believes that loves, friendship and family is wastefull. he always counts every single penny that he is going to invest wheter give him more profit or loss. beacuse of this attitude, he become torn in every heart. 

on the christmas eve, his RIP friends come to visit him and give him advice to change his mean behavior if he (scrooge-the main actor played by jim carrey) do not want to be like his friend who is actually never Rest in Peace. he is suddenly attended by three different ghost. the first one is the light from his past,that show him how his girlfriend left her because of her greed, the second one brings him to the present and look from the 'paradise eyes' , saw his friend and family suffer a hard living with tiny tim (the one who sat on scrooge's arm) and the third ghost (this is the part that i missed also .guess what? i fall asleep..hahhahahahah..)

oke2..don't worry. i will still continue the story. the last ghost bring him to the future, to the day he is suppose to die. the changed scrooge finally realize his mistakes and ask for a second chances from th ghost and and he got the second chance where he use it to be a better man and realize christmas is not just a festival, but also a day to show loves and friendhips.

so, i think you guys shoud watch this movie. this story is rated under pg13 if i'm not mistaken. the day i watched this movie, the theatre if almost full. and the story is also quite interesting.

*please don't blame me because i took a nap while watching the movie.ah haa.. 

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ayunik said...

x pe ak th mu kn ske bce. keep reading

miznordin said...

cite die kinda scary la for a Pg13 rate :P

cz said...

to ayunik:
yola..hadiahkan buku karya beliau satu.huhuhu

to miznordin:
omg..have u seen that story. i feel the same way too.. =D