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Sunday, November 29, 2009

now everybody can fly

When Air Asia introduced their low cost airline system on 2001, they give hope not only to Malaysian, but to low-income-never-fly-Malaysian to be exact. They do modification on their service to be a better place on air competing with Malaysian Airlines System(at that moment) and achieved World's Best Low Cost Airline by Skytrax to name a few. With the philosophy of 'Now everyone can fly', Air Asia has positioned their service nicely.

and because of that, my parents are able to go to Sabah visiting my almost-2-years-working-there sister. Well done Air Asia , because you are the reason of growing loves and relationship.

Sabah, the country below wind is on my have-to-visit list.

but, i got to have own money to go there..

hey mom! don't u forget to buy me a new shawl and a hand fan with 'Sabah' written on it k..

*just illustration. i have no idea they (mak+abah+maklang+paklang+tok) go to which part of sabah. KK perhaps?hurm...~ 

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