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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2nd day at KRRK

location: tebing depan DBKL
jam 5:30 petang

tadi jam 3:30 petang dah mkn Kenny Rogers Roasters berharga RM28++
tapi masih lapar OMG OMG OMg
nampak sgt tak baca bismillah tadi.
ok..skang aku dh pandai makan kenny rogers.hahha
tahniah! tahniah! ye~

so, makan sekali lagi di Tebing ni..
hurm...oklah..dah kenyang.dah 7 30 rupenye..
kawan aku dh 2 batang rokok. haih~

1st day work at KRRK
not a hectic day. besides, i only worked for 5 hours.
but still..
i have a lot to do, from the assembler , to the dispenser and server. ah~ha.
i start to like it <3


*semalam dapatkan suntikan typhoid.sgt sakit.nasib tak nangis je ok

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