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Monday, May 10, 2010

catur bestari 2

Yesterday.Sunday 3pm, after visiting my sister at Seseri KL, i rushed back to KFC JUSCO Kepong to enter this competition for the second time.But this time, there are two table opened. I was thinking the winning chance might be a little bit small. there are 8 people competing for only two winning prizes. lucky me to win the 1st runner up. YEah! that's mean number two.horayyy..
more kfc supplies for another two months (since I rarely eat KFC) but, tell you the truth,this new introduced KFC with black pepper is super hot. me like it so much

ok..i only can find advertisment from Singapore.

then i taste their new beverages.(can;t find their imageon google images) KFC Lemon Fresh FIzz at BB plaza. LOVE IT!
then i wish to buy another at KFC Metro Prima.
oh..god,the restorant crew know nothing about this new product line
hey come on..
sangat kempunan.ohh~

*pening.tetibe update pasal produk KFC

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