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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

lets call it a day shall we?

the squash tournament is over and i can relax for a moment until i start over my busy day..
gosh.. it seems like i not only had 'a' busy day. but everyday is a busy day for me.

yesterday was the opening ceremony for UiTM's Staf Sport Carnival and i am one of the dancers who involved during that glorious night. we, the dancers danced a medley of traditional dance and it tooks me about nine days only to master all of the movement. hahahaa.. i will upload the picture later on. keep update guys...

and today, i am going to attend the managerial economics' ( a killing subject) class on 1415. Later on, im thinking of going to start mt part time..

ps. cousin eda, im sorry i can't atend your wedding on 6th jun 2009 because it clash my schedule. i might be very busy (did i say busy again?) during that week practicing my act skills for my new production team, which i am about not to reveal now..

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