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Sunday, May 17, 2009

nokia 3230

da almost 3 years using this hp and it broke down for the second time. well, i think it was the same problem like the first one. need to be repair but somehow i don't have much money right now. huuu.. i feel so sad. so guys... if u are reading this, i want to let u know that i'm currently switching my two numbers with my only hp, nokia 2600... so, if u can't reach this one, try another one k..

well.. what i like most about this hp is that i love the camera. only 1.2 mega pixsel but, i look great when taking picture with it. thats why i did not update my blog, because i don't have new picture to show.

i think, i need to find another hp...

i like...

1 hp with nice shot camera (not too expensive)
2 a hp where i can save lots of songs
3 basic function, sms, mms, gprs (just nice)

suggestion anyone?


Mohd 'Azim Kamaruzzaman said...

amik jew hp cybershot sony erikson..dah murah skrg...

cz said...

what model? can u b precise dear?