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Monday, October 12, 2009

entry ini tidak mengandungi anasir2 jahat

i feel so tensed with one of my classmates, my groupmate to be exact. ok let just call her (did i mention her?oppsss!!) I. ok.. actually i dont like her from the beginning. i think that she is kinda selfish, over action and sometimes it is so stressfull when she is around.

wo wowo.. don' t blame me because i was just saying bad things about her...well, i have point to stand up for..

1. selfish- she likes to conquer the presentation..
i still remember on 2008 when our class have a personal development presentation.. she tends to be so so so so smart untill she do not even give chances to other member in the group to present their points. the lecturer gave limited time to each group and it depends to the group how to manage the time given succesfully. and the other people in the group ends up not presenting their points. and not be given point maybe???

2. over action-action speaks louder than words...
evryboby in the class will know about what i am saying..
even one of our lecturer said that she remembered I because of her over action attitude during class.

hey, i am not kind of people who loves to find bad things about other people. i realizes that she also one of good example in the class. where..

1. she always comes with ideas-she always take part in the class discussion and have brilliant idesa t times...

2. she is a proactive team player-she always want to be the leader which is ok.. but if she claims that she did work sincerely then, she should proves it.

*i just talk to her via phone. I am not satisfied with the way she handle the IIM task. when i ask her about the cost use to makes the report, i am not surprise to hear what she told me. because, her attitude is such a brand where i already know what is her positioning. haha me..hahaha..

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