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Monday, October 26, 2009

i am sorry for being very busy lately..

i was in kedah-langkawi on 14-17 of october 2009

i have lots of picture to share with you guys. stories and not to forget to share my own experience there..wait for my next entry ok.

-test ME rabu malam.. just now.(DONE)

-report RM, antar dn bentang besok.. (DONE)

-test GLOBAL yg kedua.. (DONE)

-AGRO blum complete.. (DONE)

-past year ME...to be submitted before this sunday.. (DONE)

-report GLOBAL to be submitted today! at 4 pm (DONE)

alamak..ISSUE lom anto lg..28 hb ni.bersamaan first day pekse.adu...

menggila la aku... (DONE-thanks korg yg tolong cover my part tu)

to kak ai.. hahhahaa... sila la menjeles yer..heehheheh