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Sunday, October 25, 2009

tips to choose a place to do practical training

do not simply quote any words or download any pictures from my blog. you have to seek for my permission or at least give me a notification. your cooperation is much appreciated.tq!

1. must be close or nearer to home..

i can eat free lunch everyday if i stayed at my uncle house at IM.hahhaa

2. must have transport

or if i do not have transport, choose a place that have public transportation. maybe tourism malaysia? i can use LRT to go there.

3. allowance??

hahah.. this is a bonus la to have allowance every months. RM200.. not so bad at all

4. level of energy used

carrefour kuantan- 110%

tourism malaysia-80-90%.(maybe)

argh... erm.. tanya puan yan la.

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