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Monday, March 19, 2018

A pinch test from Allah about redha

Last saturday i went to my MBA class at UiTM Kuantan.

During break,  we went to a stall nearby and get some light refreshments. We chit chatting and i overheard a conversation between two of my classmates.

Apparently,  Kak Shan,  our PTD officer just being transferred from a department  to another department.  She feels very sad so i try to calm her by saying that,  there will be hikmah of what is happening right now.

I shared with her about my own experience. When i feel demotivated, i straight  away do things that can motivate me back.

i remember telling her about what Datuk Dr.  Fadzilah Kamsah once told,  if we lost something that we dearly love or treasure,  we have to be redha and pray to Allah to compensate the loss with something better.  I gave her an example if you loss your car, redha and ask for new car from Allah instead.

Later when the class adjourned,  i couldn't  find my car key.. I tried to recall the last location  but i couldn't remember. I went downstairs and feel relieved that my car was still there at the carpark.

I went to the stall and ask the worker there if they saw my car key left on the table,  but one of the staff said no.

My friend and i tried to search for it in our class, at the musolla and at anywhere possible. But we still didnt get any clue.

An then,  that is the moment when i called my police friend and ask for his help to look after my car while i left my car there.  I decided to go somewhere else and just left my car there

To cut short,  one of ny friend ask me to ask the stall's staff again.  And we did.  Alhamdulillah. We found my car key.

Suddenly i feel very small.  Allah tested me on how i want to put redha into reality. Allah tested me on how to walk the talk. And Alhamdulillah,  i think i survived the test.

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