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Sunday, March 18, 2018

A quick recap from 2013-2018

Hello everybody.
Im back in blogging after feeling inspired by my UiTM friend, Azim.

In this blog,  i plan to write everything that i feel fb or IG cannot.

Look back at 2008, why i started blogging because of my passion in writing and passion of photography. So i use this platform to capture all the moment.

My last post was on 2013. After 5 years, so much things happen to me.

Im going to do some summary here.

2013= i bought my first home
I get married to the person i love. (bukan kahwin paksa)

I get pregnant
We went on cruise trip

2014= i loss the 1st pregnancy
And i get pregnant again
10 oct 2014, #AqlanAhmad was born.  Alhamdulillah. Truly a blessing  from god. He was a perfect son i could ever ask for.
I really his hearr shaped tongue.
Decided to do minor surgery.

2015= i couldn't  think of anything  special during this year.  What i still can remember, im struggling to breast feed  Aqlan.  Up until he is 1 year old,  on oct 2015, we did Aqiqah for him.
I stop breastfeeding Aqlan.

I realized  im pregnant  again. I wasnt ready.

Aqlan took his first long step after his birthday.

December: i met with an accident
Two weeks after that i loss my 2nd pregnancy again.  It was a spontaneous miscarriage.

2016= im struggling with work.  Sometimes i feel i gave up with everything.

Oct : we went to our first oversea trip to Krabi,  Thailand.

2017= on January we did surgery for Aqlan's tongue tie.
My last Annual Sales Convention. Went to Sunway Lagoom with my Bff.

I got pregnant again.  It was the planned one. But i miscarried again on March.
April i left Public Bank
May i joined Affin Bank as Personal Banker.
May: i went to Jakarta, Indonesia trip  with PBB staff

Aug: i bought new car. It is Proton Ertiga. I left JoVi in Amir's hand.

We went to Sabah for raya haji.
I started my MBA Journey.

2018=Jan: i went on oversea trip to Yogyakarta with my BFF.

I made new bff,  but i loss a bff.  Totally a mixed feelings.

Feb: i left my job at Affin Bank
I got 3.56 cgpa for last semester.

March : i got offer from other bank.
26-29/3/2018 we are going to oversea trip again.  This time round im bringing my husband n aqlan together with my mom and dad.

Till then.

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