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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A letter for my son, Aqlan Ahmad

Dear son,

From the moment i heard your heartbeat inside my womb, i started to pledge.

I want to be the very best for you. I want to be your idol.
I want you to look up into me.
I want you to know that my love for you got no boundaries.


I want you to know that we might not see each other for quite some time.
So i want you to understand that it doesn't mean i do not love you anymore.
It is just that i got to do what i got to do.


When i was away,  listen to those who care for you.
Make their life easy.
You are now my mini embassador.
Make me proud sayang. As always.

When i settled everything and come back for you.


Ran from afar. Hold and hug me tight. Kissed my chin,  cheek, forehead and we touch our noses like we always did. Tell me how much you love and missed me.

I promise to bring you presents. Eventhough i know the presents could not make up the lost time. Im so sorry sayang.

Im gonna missed your smells,  your smiles,  your stares, your touch,  your care.

Love xoxo,

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