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Thursday, November 20, 2008

final exam is over.. now, I am lying on my bed in my house-home sweet home. Yes! finally i am here.

so, talking about the final,, it sucks man. maybe i should blame my self for not studying hard from then beginning of semester. well, nothing to regret since i still can pray for my victory every time after i perform my solat. and i hope my lecturers marking my paper in good mood. or else... haha..
serves me right!

yesterday my friend and i travel from dungun to pahang. she drove her Citroen while i am her co pilot. on our way back to pahang, we stopped at Mesra Mall. i am so happy since it was my first visit there. Mesra Mall is new Mall in Kertih and always visited by foreigners since it is near to Petronas Center.we met our landlord there and he pay us lunch. we are so excited.

today i am helping my father preparing "ikan pekasam". he is very expert in making this food. if you guys want to taste it, you are welcome to my house.

on 12th December 2008, i will go back to my university because i got theater training. i feel very excited because my production team are going to represent "Kebayan". if god will, we will represent it in UiTM Terengganu's Hall and also at Malaysia Tourism Center or MTC kuala lumpur on January 2009.

i want to thank all my blog follower.. hope you enjoy reading mine.


the name is Illi Ainaa said...

i nk rs la ur ikan perkasam tu.. hihi.. nk dtg umh leh ? :DD

cz said...

or mybe i'll send it to ur house??