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Friday, November 21, 2008

she's home..

my sister who is working at Sabah is home today.. gosh.. miss her so much.

this evening, around six, my mum go to Bandar Jengka to fetch her at bus station.
on their way home, my sister want to drive the car. nah.. i bet she must be very long to drive that car.

unexpectedly, they ( both mum and sis) met with an accident.
the front left light broke. when i ask my mum the real story how the accident happen as soon as they arrive home, she only utter some general words that i assume she (my mum) do not want to hurt my sis feeling.

my mum only said "let her..."
luckily nothing happen to both of them.

broke car can be fixed. but losing life can't


Anonymous said...

naper lah bleh accident. Baca doa dulu tau nak gi maner2

cz said...

okie dokie mr anonymous...