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Saturday, November 29, 2008

two wedding house in a day??

today, as i woke up, open my lappy for a while, then my mum ask me and Ame to get ready because we are going to Paya Luas, Temerloh. uncle Din's son is married today and since my dad is very close to his family,, so we attend the reception party. the other wedding party we attend is at jengka 23. well, tok long is my mums uncle. and his daughter is married today to a Dungun's man.

after that, wo go to Temerloh General Hospital which is only few minutes from uncle Din's house to pay a visit to one of abah's friend. OMG i forgot his name already..i have taken some picture from my nokia 3230 hp. obviously its not a dslr. so, the picture is not so ... so whatever..hehe..

this is my family.. without my kakak.. we are at temerloh general hospital. its big you know.

me?? in baju kurung?? ahaks..

the lobby..

lobby from inside view..

waiting for the lift. uiks..what re you looking at sis? my gorgeous outfit??

too many people. this is not a good sign..

this is the only "papan kenyataan" on the wall..

hoh?? why so serius akak??

when we reached home this evening, i got a letter from my university..

em..its an offer letter from my production team, seni pujangga, UiTM Terengganu. they are selecting me to join the production again for next production at Uitm's hall, Dewan Aspirasi on 1 to 3 january 2009 and at Matic (malaysia tourism center), KL on 9 to 11 january 2009. i feel very excited..

come and see me there...=D


ninja said...

You asked for a comment so : I love your background

cz said...

thanks koala.. i appreciate that.=D