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Friday, November 28, 2008

sooo boring...

em today? nothing special actually.just being a successful domestic engineer. do the laundry, cooking for the family.. sweeping floor??? ahaks...moping it too. em..mybe just once in awhile la...
i'm not so hardworking anyway.. =D

boring boring so damn boring. astro still can't operate lgi.luckily to have another tv at the kitchen.. so, the best place to hang out at my house is here.. front the laptop or at the kitchen.

so beside having a blast at my favret site the tfliners, i'm currently viewing my friends blog, and try to keep in touch with my friends at fs and ms, myyearbook??em...
tomorrow??.. i'll start the day with a smile..
i wish i can made something special for someone special..
em..may be somthing that can make him..ops.. remember me??

hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting than today. i wish...

me having a blast..

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